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For residential package delivery it’s the road less traveled.


In your everyday efforts to do business, are you following the path that was developed by someone else? This is, after all, the easiest road to travel or the path of least resistance.

shutterstock_132047096Doing business the same way as everyone else doesn’t give you a strategic advantage. So, how do you get where everyone’s going without following them down the same path?

You  look for opportunities to get off the beaten path and create your own route to success.

Like Lewis & Clark in 1804, you make the commitment to look where others aren’t looking and to go where others aren’t going. But discovering new routes to success can be slow, difficult and costly unless you have an experienced guide.

shutterstock_131772284A guide who has the understanding and expertise to help you find those routes quickly and effectively.

C3PS is that seasoned guide.

If you’re shipping packages to domestic addresses, you realize the costs for these services have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Whether you’re distributing premium items, on-line or catalog orders, product samples, or marketing distribution products— costs are high and continuously increasing.

C3PS_Header_RoadWith a proven process and over 30 years of experience in marketing and distribution, C3PS creates customized routes to get your packages delivered direct to consumers for less.


Find your unique path to a strategic advantage that will increase your bottom line.

Contact us at info@c3ps.us


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